Argent Projection

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Introducing our fierce Argent Projection Pendant, a raw and unapologetic masterpiece that exudes unbridled power and uncompromising style. This pendant is not for the faint of heart – it's a statement piece that dares to defy convention.

Forged with savage precision, the Argent Projection Pendant channels the savage beauty of the animal kingdom. It's cast in rugged, unyielding metal, designed to endure the harshest of conditions. You can choose your metal – from a glorious gold to  blackened 925 silver – to reflect your indomitable spirit.

Wear it as your battle standard, a symbol of your unrelenting spirit, and a reminder of your untamed nature. This pendant hangs from a chain designed to withstand the rigors of your adventures.

A relic of the wild, and a statement to the world that you are a force to be reckoned with. It's not just jewellery; it's a symbol of the unconquerable spirit that resides within you.

Embrace the raw and ruthless with this pendant that refuses to be tamed.

Metal: Silver, Bronze or Gold

Pendant Dimensions: mm x mm

Please note: Our 9k Gold pieces are made-to-order and can take up to 10 working days to manufacture.