It is always best to provide us with your exact ring size in the 'order notes' box at checkout. We use the United Kingdom sizing conventions in South Africa, so please use the conversion chart below to convert your size to the appropriate UK alphabetic letter size.


How do I determine my ring size?

Visiting our studio or a local jeweller near you and having them take your sizes professionally is the best way to find your accurate ring size. If you are unable to do this, however, please feel free to use the steps below as your next best option. Please note that this is merely a guide and we cannot be held responsible if, regrettably, inaccurate sizings are provided for your order. Resizing and courier charges will apply accordingly for any changes.

STEP 1: Measuring a ring you already own (preferred method)

If you have a ring at home that already fits the desired finger perfectly, lay the ring flat and use a ruler to measure its inner diameter. This is the length, in millimetres, from one side of the band to the other, at its widest point. Starting at the inside of the band on the left and ending on the inside of the band on the right.

STEP 2: Measuring your fingers

This method should be your last resort and should only be chosen if you do not have the option of visiting a professional jeweller or measuring a ring you own. Take a piece of cardboard, a cable tie, a piece of plastic or a wire and wrap it around the finger you will be wearing the ring on. Mark where the piece has wrapped around your whole finger and lay it flat next to a ruler to find the measurement, in millimetres, of your finger circumference. This method has a larger risk of being inaccurate as we do not know how stretchy or thick the material is that you used or how tightly you have wrapped it around your finger.

STEP 3: Convert

Find your corresponding international ring size or your measurement in millimetres (or its closest interval) in the table below to determine your UK ring size.

Need a VRVO ring resized?

We will gladly resize your VRVO ring to ensure a bold fit. Resizing is charged at a flat rate of R280 per piece in Silver, bronze or any other non-precious metal. Pieces in precious metals like gold and platinum are charged at R380 per piece for downsizing and special quotations will be provided for upsizing. Courier charges will be charged to the customer's account.