Unique. Raw. To the bone.

Beautiful strength in persistence. Each material has its own power. With such power comes the strength in emotion; a celestial energy of attraction and repulsion.

This is a strong belief carried by York van Rheede van Oudtshoorn, the designer and creator of these individual pieces of natural body adornment. Through his fascination with darkness and beauty of infinite space, York utilises the universal celestial energy as a reference point for inspiration to create his jewellery. Ethically sourced materials are always of vital concern when forming and binding each element. Each one evoking its own mood, a sense of mystery.

The man and voice behind the brand, VRVO body adornments, constantly has his focus, eyes, mind and soul on the hunt for the next tantalising material combination and its sustainable outcome. Every grain of the metal he works with speaks of its journey and the passion put into the process of its creation. 

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